Film – a love story

Films matter to me. From an early age they captured my imagination and touched my heart. They have shaped my life, helped me to build and maintain relationships and brought me joy.

From rainy Sunday afternoons spent watching black and white classics with my Nan as a young child, to finding an outlet for my teen angst and eventually meeting ‘the one’, film has been my frame of reference. Looking back at some of my favourites, each one has captured a moment or told a story of where I was in my life. They can be a reassuring and steady influence. Rewatching an old favourite feels like a comfort blanket, helping me to feel safe and secure when all is in flux.

My mid teens were a turning point on my voyage of film discovery. Watching late night screenings of foreign cinema on BBC2 or Channel 4 in my bedroom on my little portable (don’t tell my mum) and endless setting of the video to record. My shelf full of videos (and much later my DVDs) were my pride and joy, the first boxes unpacked every time I moved house in my twenties.

At that formative age, I was educated about a life beyond my suburban prison. Politics, social history, culture, love and sex were presented and decoded. 1980s and 90s French and Spanish cinema were a particular eye opener (have you seen ‘Jamon Jamon’?)

In my early twenties I inadvertently found myself in an A Level Film Studies night school class after a fortuitous admin mix up, and it was the beginning of a different journey, as I found a film writing voice and the words flowed. When I left London I took that academic interest with me, and it even led to me meeting my now husband. Having our daughter has turned things upside down of course, but now she’s older I’ve slowly awakened from my cinema slumber once more. Only now there are logistics to consider rather than just whims.

I am excited about the prospect of documenting my film stories, for no particular reason other than self reflection and my seemingly endless desire for sharing and making connections. Film always has the power to engage people, hopefully some of my musings will connect.


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